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chicken salad
made with Belle & Evans organic chicken breast, organic grapes, organic celery, red onions, organic greens, walnuts, mayonnaise, sea salt & freshly ground black pepper. best seller in single serve 6 ounce portion.
delicious wraps
we use only the best ingredients in our wraps and have a wide variety: chicken tikka masala, organic bbq chicken, roasted chicken & mash, vegan aloo gobi, vegan samosa, vegan herbed falafel, turkey bacon egg and cheese, vegetarian farmers omelet, loaded baked potato. heat for a delicious, easy meal.
comfort soups
made with organic ingredients, our soups hit the spot and are at a consumer friendly price. quart sized container for multiple servings.
sweet stuff
chocolate mousse & cream, mom's chocolate pudding, homestyle tiramisu, organic rice pudding, dulce de leche pudding; made with organic milk, organic eggs and real cream. 8 oz. cup or smaller 5 oz. packaging perfect for vending.

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